Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ketak Handcraft on Lombok

Lombok is one of the small islands that are recorded in the territorial State of Indonesia which has fertile land and beautiful nature. various species of plants flourish and then used by the community for various purposes from clothing to food. one plant that is currently begin used by many local communities is a "Ketak" in Latin is called "Lygodium Circinatun" These plants include ferns that spread to the parent plant. Ketak  is one of the raw materials for making various shapes of goods through the process of drying, cleavage and formation. 

Ketak known since 1986 as a raw material of craft and began to developed in same time. Now there are more than 64 recorded small home industry which developed craft using Ketak as a raw material to be various craft product. most of product created is fashion product and house hold product for decoration or for daily uses. along market demand and high availability of raw material make this craft grow rapidly and began to lead to the international market. rich design dan high aesthetics make this craft able to compete with another craft product from around the world. 
Here is some example from craftsmen in Lombok, this page will updated periodically when we receive new product and design of Ketak craft. our crafts men able to provide 150 items in a month.

Please send us your inquiry to nizarjoe@gmail.com or text message via mobile phone +6281804063653. we are looking for partner around the world to sell and supply our crafts product.    

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