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Lombok antique traditional knife and cultural heritage

Pemaje Lombok is a traditional knife, usually used by craftsmen to sharpen and refine the craft materials such as bamboo or rattan. This traditional knife is very easy to find in Lombok, can be found almost in every sasak tribe houses. Pemaje can be identified easily by its shape because it has unique shape than the other knife, it shape crook and length average 10-30 CM. Another distinctive trait is, pemaje sharpened only on one side, unlike other knives are sharpened on both sides of the blade. because the main function of Pemaje is to sharpen and refine wood, rattan or bamboo Pemaje is very sharp, sharpness of the blade called by (Tiup Bulu). Tiup Bulu mean the blade able to cut hair only by blowing the feathers to the blade, and the feather will cuted off.

Pemaje not only tool to cut and refine but it has deep philosophical meanings on it. Pemaje is a Simbolic of Male Rib Bone Substitute (Adam Rib Bone) that taken to create Hawa (Eve). Sasak Tribe Especially Islam believe, that use to be when the first man created (Adam), Adam's Left rib bone taken by god to create Hawa (Eve), so adam only have 7 left rib bone and 8 right rib bone. Pemaje is a symbol of one left rib bone that taken. On sasak culture, Pemaje putted on front left side of body. Sasak People believe by carrying Pemaje it raise up confidence. Also Pemaje has Magical value depend on its material (L. Rahman Hadi).

Along of the time, Because Pemaje is a cultural heritage it's begin switching function from tool to art product that has very deep philosophical with very high aesthetic also high quality damn rare material. material include wood and iron for the blade. there are some famouse material for wood that Sasak People believe it have strong magic power and specific power. the wood called by "Kayu RARANG" means this kind of wood is so very difficult to find and almost extinct, and sometime to find the wood it has like some ritual.

Here is some unique pemaje that made from high quality rare material, it has uniqe and beautiful wood texture(Java/Sasak:PAMOR), the power of the wood rated from it texture and each of texture has name. 

Pemaje Selep Due Mangan (Dual Blade)
Handle and sheath made from berore pelet. blade made from high quality iron and long lasting sharpness.  
Berore exclude hardwood and classy, but it has different value when berore has a black belt called Pelet, Sasak and people of Java believes the power of this wood located at this black belt.    

used to be, this wood carried by the people who work in the forest inhabited by wild animals such as venomous snakes, poisonous scorpion, and other wild animals, the power of this wood will avoid you from bitten by wild animal or make them cannot open their mouth to bite. The power not only affected to the wild animal but, it also affected to the humans. Berore Pelet can serve as Sembungkem (Sasak Term). useful when someone plan to harm you or doing something bad to you. the bad guy might not see you even you sit infront of them or the bad guy just forget that he wants to harm you when you meet that bad guy.    

Pemaje Selep Birak Ketemu Pamor Merpati
Handle and sheath made from Birak Ketemu Wood, and blade From Waje (Steel) long lasting sharpness. Sasak People believe Birak Ketemu Wood has specific power, someone who carried wood Birak Ketemu will gain more confidence and has more authority, the power of birak ketemu wood by sasak people called by pengasih-asih means people arround you will give you more respect and like you more than before.
this kind of wood used to be carried by old fisherman, to accompany him while fishing and got more fishes. another interested things from this Pemaje is. its wood texture, wood grain texture forming a picture of birds.

Send your inquiry to, or text message to +6281 8040 63653. All those Pemaje Collection is for sale and very limited.

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