pemaje pisau khas lombok - barang antik peninggalan nenek moyang sebagai warisan budaya

Pemaje-Pisau Khas Lombok

pemaje menyimbolkan pengganti satu tulang rusuk laki-laki yang diambilkan untuk dijadikan tulang hawa. sehingga, yang membawa pemaje di Lombok adalah kaum laki-laki dengan cara diselipkan di depan pada bagian sebelah kiri. makna filosofi lain yang dapat dipetik dari pemaje adalah...

Ashitaba Flower

Kerajinan Anyaman Ketak

Ketak merupakan salah satu kerajinan yang saat ini mulai banyak berkembang di Lombok, kerajinan ini berkembang pesat dan sangat banyak diminati oleh penikmat kerajinan domestik maupun mancanegara..

menjadi reseller produk ashitaba kami

Mau ikut jualan ashitaba..???

Kami Mencari Reseller Produk Ashitaba.. Demi memperluas Jaringan penjualan, kami membuka kerjasama untuk siapa saja yang ingin ikut untuk menjadi distributor atau penyalur produk ashitaba kami. ...

lombok hand weaving

Lombok Hand Weaving - Sembalun Woven

Lombok is one region in Indonesia that produced weaving with very reach texture and design. people of Lombok wearing weaving cloth on some of culture ceremonial and it has sacred value. also for traditional Lombok people (Sasak Tribe) some kind of weaving as a social identity...

Sasak Tribe traditional fish trap

kodong is a simple trap to catch the fish. it made from bamboo and ratan, over a hundreed years traditional people using kodong as trap to catch the fish on the river..

Our Ashitaba Plantation on Lombok

Ashitaba (Angelica keiskei Koidzumi) adalah salah satu jenis tanaman obat yang sangat populer di Jepang. Getah Ashitaba merupakan bahan baku utama produk obat-obatan, sementara daunnya adalah bahan baku Teh Herbal dan kopi Ashitaba (bubuk) yang berfungsi sebagai anti oxidant,.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Awake after long time rest

Ashitaba plant begin to recovering after long time rest, no producing sap or leaf or stem, they are dying because very long time hot and dry without any water. but this plant able to fight and stand on wild nature, this is miracle of self defense mechanism system that ashitaba have. 
some yellow leaf and some are still looks weak, but i can see them smile and enjoying the water from god. thanks god for blessing us by give us your rain. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Herbs That Whiten Your Skin Naturally

It is a known fact that many people, especially women in the Asian countries are fond of white skin. The reason they claim for that liking is that a typically fair skin will make them look pretty and elegant. Apart from all these they claim whiter skin may make them look young and energetic. In the urge to achieve a fairer skin, many women run behind skin whitening treatments. Dermatologists suggest ways which may reduce pigmentation on certain areas of the skin. Market is now filled with skin whitening creams and products with a common "language of promotion". However, there are a number of women who prefer homemade remedies which comes with lesser side effects. Want to know what are they? Amazed about the properties of natural medicines? Yes, true herbs whiten skin. To know more about the herbs that whiten skin, read on..

The Chamomile Effect 
Chamomile herb whitens the skin, and this is one of the least known facts. Although, Chamomile is known commonly as a hair lightener it is also one of the herbs that can whiten your skin. Using a few flowers or bags of chamomile tea for a facial steam may have a wonderful effect on your skin. Ask a dermatologist for advice before using the natural herb over a large area on your skin.

Horseradish Magic 
Horseradish has a traditional property of bleaching the skin. If you want to lighten your skin you may well try a face mask with horseradish, rosemary essential oil and lemon juice. Gently apply it on your face and leave it for a few minutes to dry. Wash your face and see your skin glowing. Horseradish herbs whiten skin and its skin whitening property can leave you in awe.

For those fond of Red Onions
If lemon contains citric acid, red onions also consists of something similar to that. However, red onions have its own way of acting upon the dark patches of skin. Try rubbing a fresh slice of red onion on your face every day. If you are allergic to onions try not to use it.

Handle it with Lady's Mantel 
Lady's Mantel is one of the best herbs to whiten skin. Lady's Mantel aids in skin lightening and softening and as the name implies, it helps in several other problems related to women. Extract the juice from the herb and apply it on your face. Allow it to dry for a few minutes. This would help in lessening the pigmentation of the skin and age spots.

The great three 
Salmon's seal, ground Ivy leaves and wild strawberry are the great three combinations. These herbs whiten skin in a great way. Try gathering the fresh leaves and dry them. Use the dry leaves in the same way you use tea leaves. Cool the strain and splash it on your face. Even though they are herbs they are likely to cause some allergic reactions. So it is safe to consult a dermatologist before you use.

Powdered Alum and honey- Try it 
Herbs whiten skin in an amazing way and if you are looking for such herbs then powdered alum and honey is one which you can try. Apply it on your face and allow it to dry. Alum crystals are well available in the drug store which you can purchase. Alum and honey can lighten the skin as it has bleaching properties. This can help you improve the color of your skin and leave you with wonderful looks.


Top 8 Healing Health Benefits Of Chamomile Tea Flower

chamomile flower
Chamomile fresh flower
Chamomile tea is a great herb that is used for thousands of years and mainly know for its sleeping and stomach problem healing properties. Besides these two major health benefits of chamomile tea; it also serves some other unavoidable healing benefits for our health. Let’s see what this flower can do for us.

1. Helps To Sleep Better
If you are running out of sleep or suffering from insomnia than chamomile tea is a great home remedy for you. Several studies have been done on this subject and chamomile tea linked to better sleeping aid. Taking a pure camellia tea before going to bed can promote your sleep faster and healthier. Helping people to get asleep is one most admirable health benefits of chamomile tea
2. Stomach Heath
Another major benefits that chamomile tea is being praised for is curing many stomach problems and easing basic symptoms associated with indigestion and overall stomach health. It contains strong anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can reduce the severity of stomach cramp, stomach ache, flu, stomach acidity, bolting  and gas.
3. Reduce Skin Swelling
One study conducted by a German governmental organization demonstrated that chamomile tea can reduce swelling and fight with bacteria effectively. It is also beneficial for skin condition like eczema, chicken pox. Using chamomile tea infusion bath or extract can be good for these skin problems and other common swelling or infection.
4. Migraine Headache
Chamomile tea successfully helps people who are suffering from migraine pain attack severity. It makes muscle more relaxed and ensure better sleep which is a very common reason for migraine headache. Most importantly it helps to ease pain through easing some basic symptoms.  It is also beneficial for the occasional headache caused by flu, stress and anxiety.
5. Lighten Skin And Reduce Dark Circle
Besides health benefits of chamomile tea; this herb is one of favorite ingredients for beauty conscious people as a good home remedy. It’s especially effective for lightening skin and overall general skin care. Chamomile tea also works for removing dark circle under eye. For booth remedies , dip chamomile tea bag for 5 minutes and cool it enough to make it tolerable for external skin  use. Now take the tea bag and place it under eye and skin surface. You can also take hot steam of chamomile tea. Taking bath with chamomile tea is also beneficial for overall skin issue.
6. Hemorrhoids
For hemorrhoid sufferers, using ointment is a popular way to get rid of pain instantly. Chamomile tea is a great ointment for Hemorrhoids. One study showed the benefit of chamomile ointments in reducing the bowling movement of hemorrhoids .
7. Diabetes
People with diabetes can enjoy the wonderful health benefits of chamomile tea by taking few cups of tea daily. It helps to manage diabetes and lowering blood sugar level. In a study conducted by Diabetes Research Centre, reported people who were taking chamomile tea daily were able to drop their blood sugar in a quarter. Now it is huge successes who are seeking for suitable home remedies for diabetics. It works with blood sugar level without affecting insulin system.
8. Immune System Booster
Chamomile tea found to be best immune system booster tea. In a recent study showed people who consumed more than two cups of Chamomile tea a day boosted their antibacterial element in the body called hippurate. It also contains some antioxidant ingredients that helps to build strong immune system.

kid harvesting chamomile

chamomile garden

Sunday, March 2, 2014

22 Amazing Benefits Of Chamomile Tea For Skin, Hair And Health

Chamomile tea, a derivative of chamomile flower, has long been recognized for its medicinal and beauty benefits. Chamomile flower looks like a daisy with its beautiful white petals and yellow disc florets, and it has a strong aroma. Native to Asia, Europe, Australia and North America, this beautiful flower blossoms during early summers.
Chamomile tea is golden in colour and has a delectable, fruity flavour. This scrumptious herbal remedy provides solution to several heath related concerns such as intestinal & stomach disorders, anxiety, insomnia, mouth ulcers and so on. Furthermore, it has countless beauty benefits too

Here in this post, you’ll find incredible beauty benefits of chamomile tea along with helpful tips about its selection, storage and usage. Enjoy the read.

Chamomile Tea: Skin Benefits

1. Chamomile tea is innately instilled with amazing healing, anti-oxidant, cleansing and moisturizing properties and is considered a full fledge skincare treatment.
2. Infused with great healing properties, chamomile tea accelerates the healing process of minor wounds and also disinfects the wounds.
3. Chamomile tea is an excellent all-natural skin bleach. It lightens your complexion and renders it a healthy glow naturally.
4. It is found to be very effective in soothing skin irritation and sunburns.
5. This magic potion is a powerhouse of antioxidants that help you fight acne and breakouts. It also works wonders to eliminate acne scars.
6. It protects your skin from free radical damage, a chief contributor to premature aging, hence help retaining your youthful charm for long.
7. Placing cooled down chamomile tea bags under the eyes can help reducing under-eye dark circles and eye puffiness. It also soothes your tired eyes.
8. When blended with powdered milk, chamomile tea provides you a great body and facial scrub. It sloughs off the dead, dry skin cells revealing the underlying cells which are new.
9. If consumed on a regular basis, chamomile tea nourishes and moisturizes your skin from deep inside. You may also want to use chamomile in your homemade beauty recipes to draw its beauty benefits.

Chamomile Tea: Hair Benefits

Chamomile tea has much to offer for hair care as well. Some of the best advantages of this herbal drink are as follows:
10. A chamomile tea rinse brightens up the blonde hair instantly. If combined with henna, it makes natural highlights for dark hair as well.
11. It is a wonderful hair lightener. Using chamomile tea as final hair rinse adds a stunning bright-golden light to the brown hair. Use the treatment regularly to lighten your hair gradually.
12. Chamomile is also found to be highly effectual in preventing and eliminating dandruff. In addition, it also soothes irritated scalp.

Chamomile Tea: Health Benefits

13. Chamomile tea has muscle relaxing properties. It relaxes muscles of the uterus and gives relief from menstrual cramps. It increases glycine which reduces muscle spasms. Though too much of chamomile tea can upset the stomach too. So in proper amounts, it can help you get relieved from stomach cramps during menstrual cycles.
Since it has muscle relaxing properties, a cup of chamomile tea after a hard day’s work can relieve stress too.
14. Chamomile tea can be taken on a regular basis in proper amounts as it can help you sooth down the pains from stomach ulcers. If you have gone through an operation following a stomach stone formation, then having chamomile tea after having food or as directed by your physician, can help you stay away from re-formation of stones.
15.Chamomile has anti-bacterial properties. It therefore increases the immune power of a person. Chamomile tea taken during cold and cough helps a person recuperate from it faster.
chamomile tea
Image: shutterstock
16. Chamomile tea helps maintain blood glucose levels and therefore it helps in controlling diabetes mellitus symptoms. Ask you physician for an effective dosage of chamomile tea.
17. Chamomile tea can be packed into small plastic packets or into compressors or even made into ice cubes and used on tired eyes for treating dark circles or sunken eye problems.
18. Chamomile tea can be used to treat hemorrhoids by application of cooled chamomile tea for a soothing sensation.
19. It reduces gas formation. It also helps you get rid of heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome.
20. A cotton ball can be dipped into cool chamomile tea and used on to rashes which appear on the back during summers. Chamomile tea when consumed internally can sooth the system totally and helps you get rid of allergic symptoms.
21. Regular intake of chamomile tea can help you get rid of migraines.
22. Chamomile tea has sedating properties. Regular intake of chamomile tea can help you get good sleep and can give you relief from troubled sleep.

Chamomile Tea: Selection and Storage

  • While buying chamomile tea from a grocery-store or herbalist, always look for products formulated from whole flower head. This will ensure you reap most of the benefits out of it.
  • It is also a great idea to prepare your own chamomile tea.
  • Preserve chamomile tea in an airtight jar and store in a dry place. Keep away from direct sun.

Chamomile Tea: Usage Tips

  • Chamomile tea can be easy brewed following a few simple steps.
  • First of all, warm up your tea pot by pouring some boiling water into it and then add some apple slices, mashing it with a wooden spoon.
  • Afterwards, add some pre-washed chamomile flowers to the pot and pour-in two cups of boiling water.
  • Cover the pot and let the flowers steep for a couple of minutes.
  • Strain the tea and add some lemon juice or honey for added taste.
The best time of drinking this herbal tea is almost an hour before bed time. This will help you to sleep peacefully besides offering other health and beauty benefits.
Our Chamomile(German Chamomile) Plantation [photo taken by Herry Soebagio - Lombok Landscaper]:

How to make chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is known well as an aid to sleep. It is also used to calm nerves, dispel stomach gas and aid digestion. Making your own at home is easy.

  • 2-3 teaspoons dried chamomile flowers per cup (use German Chamomile, Matricaria recutita)
  • Hot water
  • Put the dried chamomile flowers into a cup
  • Pour in hot water.
  • Allow to infuse for 3 minutes
  • Strain into another cup. Use a tea strainer to catch the chamomile flowers.
  • Drink. You can add honey or lemon juice to adjust the taste if desired.
  • Finish

Bunga Chamomile Ternyata Berkhasiat

Selain Cantik dan wangi ternyata Chamomile juga dapat digunakan untuk menyembuhkan sakit perut, radang pada usus, dan sebagai obat tidur (penenang). Selain itu dapat digunakan untuk membuat teh herbal, yaitu dengan menambahkan 2 sendok makan bunga chamomile kering per cangkir teh. Untuk mengatasi sakit perut (yang meradang), direkomendasikan untuk meminum secangkir teh chamomile setiap pagi tanpa sarapan selama 2 atau 3 bulan.

Chamomile juga digunakan untuk pembersih mulut untuk menyembuhkan mukositis, suatu penyakit pada membran mukosa. Komposisi zat aktif dari sari minyak chamomile disebut bisabolol. Zat aktif lainnya adalah chamazuleneflavonoid dan coumarin.
Chamomile seringkali dikenal sebagai “tanaman dokter” karena bisa membantu pertumbuhan tanaman lain yang tumbuh di dekatnya, terutama yang menghasilkan sari minyak (essential oil) seperti jenis tanaman mint (spearmint, sage, oregano).
Penelitian terakhir yang dilakukan terhadap tikus percobaan yang menderita diabetes oleh para peneliti dari Inggris dan Jepang menunjukkan tikus yang diberikan ekstrak chamomile selama 21 hari, kadar glukosa dalam darahnya menurun drastis dibandingkan tikus yang tidak diberi chamomile.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nusantara Serasa di Eropa

Chamomile atau Chamomile Jerman adalah tumbuhan semusim dari keluarga bunga Matahari Asteraceae. Tanaman ini tumbuh di seluruh wilayah Eropa dan wilayah Asia yang memiliki 4 musim. Chamomile juga telah tersebar luas di Amerika Utara dan Australia oleh manusia. Chamomile memerlukan tanah yang terbuka untuk dapat tumbuh, biasanya tumbuh secara liar di pinggir jalan, tempat penampungan sampah, atau di ladang-ladang. Tanaman chamomile dapat tumbuh setinggi 15 sampai 60 cm. Daunnya yang panjang dan kecil berkelompok dua atau tiga daun dalam satu tangkai.

Selain di Eropa, di Nusantara kita masih bisa menikmati kecantikan dan merasakan kesegeran aroma bunga chmomile dan hasilnya pun tidak kalah dibandingkan dengan bunga chamomile asal eropa. wangi khas, pulir bunga yang maksimal, dan rasa yang sangat mantap dapat dihasilkan dari Chamomile Nusantara yang kami kembangkan pada ketinggian 1200 meter diatas permukaan laut. 

Kebun chamomile
Memanen Bunga Chamomile

ladang bunga chamomile
Sepanjang Hari berada di kebun chamomile mendatangkan kepuasan dan menghilangkan stress.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Download al-qur'an 30 Juz

Mari Berbagi Kebaikan dan amal sholeh dengan mendengarkan dan mengamalkan al-qur'an dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Sekarang membaca al-qur'an bisa lebih mudah, beramal lebih flexible dan beribadah tidak kaku. mari saudaraku, hiasi hati dan rumahu, sekelilingmu dengan bacaan al-qur'an.

Ini Matahariku

Tak Terasa engkau tumbuh begitu cepat, telah 10 bulan engkau menghentikan jejak langkahku dengan tangisan gemasmu, memberatkan tanganku membuka gerbang pintu depan rumah jika akan keluar dengan senyuman hangatmu. membangunkanku dipagi hari dengan candaan riangmu dipagi hari. engkau anakku, engkau matahariku. kuharap kelak engkau sadar, seperti ini aku menyanyangimu.
"Amak Dehe"

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hari ini saya membanting dan menginjak modem smartfrend yg super Lelet

Saya pelanggan setia smartfren telah menggunakan layanan ini selama hampir lebih dari 2 tahun, hingga hari ini berakhir dengan pelemparan modem dan saya injak kartunya. Setelah satu malam tadi sekitar jam 12 malam saya lakukukan FUP untuk isi ulang kecepatan, ternyata begitu download lagi eh lelet lagi masa 1mb di download dalam waktu 5 menit, ah ini bukan anti lelet ini namanya bekicot.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mencoba Hidroponik

Ingin Bertani tapi lahan sempit atau tidak ada lahan? siapa bilang tidak bisa, dengan hidroponik kita tetap bisa bertani dengan lahan terbatas, bahkan bertani sayur-mayur bisa dilakukan didepan halaman rumah. kurang lebih ini yang saya rasa, untuk bertani saya harus datang ke lahan saya di Lombok tengah ini tentu memakan waktu dan tenaga yang lumayan mengingat posisi lahan dan tempat tinggal saya lumayan jauh. akhirnya browsing di google cari tahu tentang bertani di lahan sempit, alhasil-Hydroponik menjadi pilihan yang tepat untuk menjalankan hobi dan melepas rindu akan bertani dan lahan hijau.
Banyak yang mengira bertani hidroponik mahal, hmmm memang mahal jika kita tidak cermat dalam penggunaan alat-alat dan pemilihan teknis yang tepat. berbekal bahan-bahan bekas, ternyata bertani hidropnik masih bisa dijalankan dengan hasil yang lumayan bagus. berikut ini beberapa photo dari percobaan pertanian hidroponik saya bahan-bahan rongsokan dan bekas, adapun teknis yang digunakan adalah Hidroponik menggunakan WICK SYSTEM.

Hidroponik Paprika Menggunakan Jerigen Bekas dan Gelas Bekas air Mineral.

Hidroponik Tomat Menggunakan Jerigen Bekas dan Gelas Air Mineral. Umur 2 Minggu, Pertumbuhan Excelent yang penting dapat sinar matahari full.
 Go Green Bro, ayo bertani, ayo hijaukan bumi.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Teh Celup ashitaba 30 teabags

Spesifikasi product:
Nama: teh celup ashitaba
Kemasan : kotak kemasan
Isi: 30 teabags @2 gram
Netto: 60gram
Komposisi: 100% daun ashitaba organik (angelica keskei koidzumi) pilihan berkualitas.
Harga: Rp. 45.000,-/kotak

Sediaan baru teh celup ashitaba produksi rinjani ashitaba kini tampil lebih praktis, teabag dibungkus persachet dan diletakkan didalam kotak kemasan exclusive dan hygienis. Sediaan teh celup persachet memudahkan Konsumen mengantongi/membawa teh ashitaba untuk dinikmati diluar tanpa harus membawa kemasan kotaknya.

Bagaimana dengan rasa dan khasiat?
Teh ashitaba memilik rasa yang khas tidak seperti rasa teh biasa pada umumnya, berwarna hijau kekuningan merupakan warna alami yg dikeluarkan oleh daun ashitaba memilki kandungan klorofilnyg snagat kuat, dan warna kuning merupakan warna getah ashitaba pada serat daunashiataba yg larut saat diseduh, getahnashitaba merupakan sumber antioxidant yg sangat potensial, anti radiksl bebas, anti kanker dan anti agging.

Lalu ingin sehat dan awet muda?

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