Friday, September 3, 2010

Hiden Paradise on Lombok Island

never imagine before theres such a beautiful place like this on my beloved Lombok island. white sand, clear beach and very virgin under water view is a very perfect combination. this perfect place named Gili Sulat & Gili Kondo is a hiden paradise on Lombok. this island is a small island it has a maximum length about 5.2 Km, no one live in this island, just few of fisherman stay over night while they fishing. on the beach line dominated by mangrove trees. it takes about 10 minutes to catch up to this small island by motor boot, and takes 5 minutes to another neighbor island.

Gili sulat and gili Kondo located on Dusun Tekalok Desa Sambelia East Lombok Regency about 85 Km from mataram. this place is very suitable for family recreation and camping. some interesting things we can experience on gili are  snorkling, diving and fishing.

On gili Kondo or gili Sulat we can easily find under water animal.

this place is a perfect place for snorkeling, fishing, diving and camping with family, business colleague and friends.

we can see clearly the sunset from this place, and awaken in very early in the morning by beautiful sunrise.

if you interested to have vacation with your family or anyone you love we suggest you to visit gili kondo and gili sulat. there is no hotel or guest house in this island. we will manage and organize all you need during your vacation to this island include (tends, food, transportation, oral English guide, fishing equipment and snorkeling equipment). please feel free to contact us if you have question about this vacation package. for any question and support please send  us email to: or call: +6281804063653 or visit our website for another tourism and vacation package at

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