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General Information About Kuta Lombok

Kuta beaches on Lombok's south coast is a world away from its more famous namesake in Bali. The beaches are clean, the sand blindingly white and the turquise ocean streches as far as eye can see, in contrast to the traffic and congestion of Kuta Bali; Kuta Lombok is a laid back paradise for surfers and sun seekers.

Kuta Beach Center Lombok
Kuta Beach Center Lombok
Kuta is the main town and center of tourism development on the south coast of Lombok, a big plan on the progres this year such the international airport and the five star Hotels such the Rizt group will build shortly. Kuta area about one and half hours drive from Mataram or Senggigi, Kuta and the surounding region has gained an international reputation for some of the beast surfing destinations in south east Asia and consiering to be the best surf spot in Asia. Its here that the gentle waters surounding Lombok meet the curents of India ocean, forming great swells and surf breaks. The result of this oceanic activity is seen in fantastic vistas of cliffs, headlands and beaches carved out of the southern coatline.

Kuta has attracts thousands of visitors every year for the great surf spots nearby or those who seeking Sun shine and the gorgeous beaches!!

Kuta is great as a base for exploration of the southern parts of Lombok, here you find traditional Sasak villages (like Sade), remote and beautiful beaches, mountains and cliffs. Beaches nearby are Putri Nyale on Kuta, Seger and Tanjung A'an. This place now have nightlife such The shore bar, which is manage by Kimen Surf Shop. Kuta has a certain reputation among surfers as there are good surfing conditions on the reef and further west of Kuta.


There are several beaches in Kuta:
  1. Kuta Beach:It's gorgous beach for having a swim except on low tide, for watching fisherman and sea grass farmer activities, also good sunrise. The fine Kuta beach is anice occasion for relaxing walk. Most of the tourist facilities are here such, restaurants, internet, accommodations, surf shop, telephone service, etc.
  2. Seger Beach:Where the only first class hotel, Novotel is located. nice beaches for swim, relaxing, and surf break are nearby. This white sand beach a truly gorgeous.
  3. Tanjung A'an Beach:This beach is located 5 kilometers from Kuta beach, the stunning deserted beaches of your dreams. This beautiful white sand beach comprise of two sand bay with the perfect turquoise water. They are separated in the middle by rocky outcrop which you can climb.
  4. Mawun:The gorgeous white sand beach in the west of Kuta beach and over the hill, the great view point with nice view over the bay of Kuta Lombok. This beaches are great for swimming, sun bathe, relaxing and surfing.
  5. Selong Belanak:This beach is located in the west of Mawun, Selong Belanak is situated in a bay between two rugged mounts. It offer great views and opportunities for surfing, swimming, and fishing.

Surfing on Kuta Lombok

surfing on kuta center lombok west nusa tenggara Indoensia
Kuta is the center of the surfing. It could be said "surfers' paradise". Waves are excellent and many good surf points, such as Mawi, Mawun and etc include "Point X", along S coast of the Lombok. Matahari Hotel or Kuta Indah has the wave information board. Many surfers come to Lombok cafe for dinner. Good place to hang around to get the surfing information. You probably have to ask locals to take you to the point with your surf board. Many people are offering the service.

Surfing Spot on Kuta
Ekas Bay: Is located on the east side of Kuta, it’s take about 30 minutes by car to Awang village and take the boat out to Ekas bay for another 25 minutes. A reef break, it has two spots; Outside and Inside Ekas. Outside Ekas, left-hander, one a heavy wave when it’s big and it can be inconsistent, maximum it’s get 10 foot, mid to high tide. Inside Ekas, it’s a fun peaky wave, just about 5 minutes by boat from outside. Left and right hander works when bigger swell, with left-hander from mid to high tide and right-hander from mid to low tide, hallow and barreling at inside section. Maximum 8 foot, need to be South-east wind trade, with strong wind at some days the rip can be so strong and hardly get to the point.
Mawi Beach: It is one of the most beautiful and enchanting bay of Indonesia. Really a dream land!!! Since it is isolated, pay attention not to hurt yourself: waves can be very powerful, with long hold downs. Once I saw a tiger shark in the water, but fishermen say it is exceptional.

Gerupuk: This huge bay just about 7 km east Kuta and in a big days it’s offer few different breaks around the bay, reef breaks and to get to the breaks a boat is needed. Inside Gerupuk or Bumbang Bay, right-hander, flat reef or sand bottom which is suitable for all level and fun waves. The big days of Southwest swell can be great day to surf it. This break is almost surf-able at any seasons even sometime need to get right tide, in coming tide it is best time. 

Seger Beach: Located just 2 km from Kuta, a reef  break,  right hander sometime left-hander. This break works when swell drop, classic wave and can hold up to 6 foot with the right wind, it can get hollow and barreling, best at in coming or out going tide.

How to Get to Kuta
  • Public Transportation from Mataram to Kuta:Take a minibus from the bus terminal (Mandalika) to Praya, then swift to bemo to Sengkol, then swift another bemo to Kuta. Prices are change every year especially the "Fuel Raise" in Indonesia also affect the land transportation fares. Tips: use your negotiation skills before entering the car, as if they see tourist, they charge double or even unrealistic fare. 
  • Shuttle Bus: To eliminate hassle and bustle, shuttle bus could be one of a good option, even though travel time can be long because the bus will have many stop over dropping and picking up other passengers from their hub/offices in main tourist attraction like Senggigi or Bangsal Harbour. 
  • Taxi Service: This could be another good option. Metered taxi available upon request or just waive your hand and tell them where to go. It could be pricy for a long distance journey.

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