Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sasak Traditional Weeding Party - Center of Lombok

Sasak tribe has so many unique culture and art also has so many social values and deep moral message on it. it needs deep understanding and analyzing to know what exactly sasak culture mean, lets have a look for one of many culture that sasak tribe has, it is traditional party weeding. if you were come from outside of Lombok or foreingner you will be amaze to see some kind of unique things that you'll find on this party weeding, sasak people call it begawe.

Huge Dose of Rise
First unique things is Huge Dose of Rice. sasak people raise the fund to buy begawe equipment for general use. every sasak people on one vilage has same right to use the equipment for their need and without any charge. this is the symbolic of togetherness and sharing to each other.

Rice Human Transfer (Nice Term yah... :)) )
on begawe the host called by epen gawe, the epen gawe will invite all part of villager on his vilage to have ala kedar (lauch or dinner) usually on luch this activity sasak people call it Begibung or having lunch together. people who invited to Begibung gathered in one place and the lunch will be transferred by epen gawe to the place where they eat. this activity is the symbolic of cooperation.

Big Portion for one person
you will be amaze to see a kid age about 7th years eat with Nare (Larga Plate). me too that's weird, the kid on that age is not possible to finish that big portion of rise. truly that kid never finish that big food by they eat little part of it as he need until they got full and the rest they pack it into the plastic and bring it home for their family or friends. this is the symbol of care to each other and sharing.

Funny Master of Ceremony 
on a big party or ceremonial master of ceremony wearing good natty dress and holding microphone. on Begawe, the master of ceremony appear different than the other master ceremonial. he looks so Ryley wearing sarong with bit dirty hat that he always wears for farming. tha amazing things is he always talking whole long ceremonial, while on his oration sometime he doing Nembang(Old Sasak Poem). we can say it he is the alternate of music on ceremonial.    

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