Thursday, June 23, 2011

Inbound Link & Outbound Link

Inbound links are links from out site our blog that leads people to visit our blog. Outbound links are links from our blog that lead people to visit others blogs. The problem is, we must be careful with this links. All links must have a good quality and authority so search engines will count it and it'll improve your Page Rank.
Thats mean you must have inbound and outbound link related to your niche, too many links out of your niche won't make your blog better. Links with whatever blog will count by search engines and they will have bad influence to your blog. So if you want to make link exchange please select blog in your niche or related to your niche and watch the blog activities,unactive blog can influence your Page Rank too.
Number of inbound and outbound links also must have our attention, two of them must be balance. Too many outbound links is not good and too many inbound links is not good either, so we must make it balance. It doesn’t make sense to have one without the other.

Now, all of us may be have a question. Where do I start? Maybe you already ask this question before you start to read this paragraph :) Imagine theres a billions blogs around the blogoshpere, and now you must pick some of them to become your link partner. Be careful about this and start asking your self about your niche.
What is your niche? If you own a blog about wedding, you must find blogs related with wedding. It can be wedding organizer or wedding planner, wedding photographer, wedding gown, place or honeymoon destination. Don't make a links with blog that out of your niche like "whatever" blog that do not have any content about wedding at all.
Use your search engine to do this. Use your keywords and start to read all that blogs. Now you must educate your self by review all that blog before you ask to link exchange with the owner or the webmaster. Be sure that blogs manage well, up date regularly, have quality contents and the blog prospect.

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