Saturday, June 18, 2011

Malimbu 2 Beach - Senggigi West Lombok

Lombok is known by it's beautiful Senggigi Beach on West Lombok, Many of tourism known senggigi but don't know Lombok. there is one term "There is Kuta on Lombok, But No Senggigi on Bali". Yes Senggigi only on Lombok Island. Sengigi is divide to many part of beach, each beach has it's name. there are some famous beach on Senggigi they are:Malimbu Beach, Malimbu Beach 2, Kerandangan 1, Kerandangan 2, Kerandangan 3, Teluk Nara, Teluk Kodek, Mangsit, Batu Bolong. Each of this place provide their unique view than the other beach..and here is some Picture i took from Malimbu 2 Beach, it taken from amateur photography technique, if it's taken by someone professional that must better than this picture. picture taken from land of malimbu 2, from this place you might see gunung agung on Bali if it's on clear day(not cloudy) and You can see the sun sink into the sea clearly also you can see three gili (Meno, Air, Trawangan)frim here. it is perfect place for sunset photo and enjoying sunset on sunday. 


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sedeeeeppp..dah sunsetnyaa...

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