Thursday, March 17, 2011

Benang Kelambu - Central Lombok

Benang kelambu  waterfall is one of  many waterfall on Lombok Island, this waterfall is the unique one from the other, the water fall down looks like the white wide curtains that make from yarn. Benang Kelambu in Bahasa means Benang Tirai (eng. Curtain from yarn) this term taken from its characteristic, this characteristic make Benang kelambu waterfall different then the other waterfall.
benang kelambu waterfall located at aik berik vilage teratak distric Center Lombok Regency about 25 Kilo meters from mataram. there are 2 waterfall in aik berik village those are banang kelambu and benang stokel, benang kelambu located at above benang stokel, it takes about 25 minutes to reach benang kelambu waterfall from benang stokel walking across green forest.the journey will be very enjoyable along the way you will hear bird singing and if you lucky you can meet black monkey with very long tail, sasak people call it lutung or godeng bideng. the most interested things from benang kelambu waterfall is very clean water. the water is originally form the rinjani volcano and the forest.
some people believe water from benang kelambu waterfall able to cure some disease and also safe and healty to drink because the water so cold and very clean. most of visitor who comes here never skip for the bath and swim.

here is some pictures we taken from benang kelambu waterfall, please take a look.


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