Monday, March 14, 2011

Rinjani Trekking 4 Days 3 Night Program

Again the first and second day same as the two nights and three days program, only this time you are more relax and have much more time. At the lake, we will have a lot of time for various activities such as swimming, having a relaxing hot bath at the hot spring, taking beautiful pictures and even fishing. On the third day, another chance to explore the mountain, on the way up Senaru rim our guide will take you to some spots for great pictures making, watching the black monkeys chanting around and learn a bit of our local medicinal plantations. We will arrive at the camping ground where we will spend the last night by afternoon. The fourth day, after having breakfast we start walking down to Senaru and get there at around 10.00am. if you are not too tired, our guides are always ready to take you for a walk to our ancient house and also the famous Sendang Gila waterfall.

  • We are ready to pick you up at the Airport or the Harbor and drive you back there or any other destination, for this purpose we will need your date and time of arrival information at least two days before.
  • The explanation you read on our trekking packages are the situation you will have in an ideal condition, bright beautiful day, soft wind and moonlight or a night full of stars. But we have to be ready to face a situation where the weather is not very friendly, rainy day and rainy night, strong wind and hard sun. The timing is pretty much depends on our speed and stamina; we can be very fast, moderate or very slow.
  • We can`t promise you that everything will be just like what we expected to be, there might be misunderstanding or miscommunications occurs between us, it might cause by different reasons such as language barriers, price agreement and so on, but we promise you that you are welcome as a family, and we will treat you as one.
  • Our guides and porters are the most important person of this business. We make sure that the price you pay goes to them in order to make a better living for the family, especially for their children.
  • To avoid misunderstanding which will leave us a bad impression about one another, let us make an open communication. Pak Alam, our guides and porters are open to any critics and suggestions for betterment in the future.
  • Trough these programs, we try at most to give a real contribution towards the society, to the guide and porters, the hand weavers, the food sellers, and others who support. If you are interested to know more or even to get involve, we are ready to introduce you to our young people who are actively working in the community development programs at Sembalun Village.
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