Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Volunteering on Sembalun Lombok

volunteering on lombok
volunteering on lombok
volunteering on lombok

Come and help support the development of local communities in and around Sembalun, through our Volunteer Programme, “The Friends of Sembalun”. Through this Programme we have introduced a number of initiatives.
They aim at:
  • Using volunteer skills to help develop the community of Sembalun.
  • Exposing the local community to outside cultures and languages, primarily English.
  • Providing volunteers with a sense of what it is like to live in and be part of the community in Sembalun
Areas in which you can contribute (what you can give us)
Within the Volunteer Programme we’ll try and match your skills to the development areas we’ve targeted. These are:
  • Teaching skills for employability
  • Language teaching in local state schools and our Community Development Centre (CDC)
  • Teacher training
  • Teaching soft skills in computing
  • Web development and maintenance
  • Marketing and tourism
  • Fundraising
  • Ecological farming
  • Project management
And when you go home, we want you to be ambassadors and spread the word about the work we are doing here in Sembalun.
Costs for a one-week stay per person are USD 150, and for a two-week stay USD 300. We would recommend however that you stay with us for at least two weeks as we believe a longer stay will be more beneficial to both you and us. You are of course very welcome to stay even longer.
Your financial contribution
100% of the fee will go directly into our Community Development Programmes. These include:
  • Scholarships for local children to enable them to complete their basic education. Many families are unable to financially support their children through basic education and are forced to send them to work in the fields. Please click here for more information.
  • Buying supplies for the community development centre – exercise books, pencils, art supplies, computers, desks.
  • Salary of community development centre teachers.
  • Buying musical instruments to support the re-establishment of a local Sasak music group.
  • Training and education of farmers in eco-agriculture and the re-introduction of traditional organic fertilisers. The use of chemical based fertilisers has, over time,  drastically reduced soil quality and forced famers to become dependent on more powerful and expensive variants. We want to break this cycle.
Package Include
The package includes full board and lodging with a local Sasak family and a choice of activities to help you integrate and get a feel for life in and around Sembalun.  We’ll try and tailor these to meet your personal interests.
Activities can include:
  • Farming and gardening
  • Weaving
  • Soft trekking – bird watching, botanics, monkey spotting and so on
  • Jungle trekking
  • Visiting natural sights – White Deer waterfalls, calling wild cattle on the high grasslands, the Pergasingan hill overlooking the Tambora volcano on Sumbawa island, the Pusuk Pass and so on.
  • Sasak cooking
  • Language learning (Indonesian and\or Sasak, the language of Lombok).
  • Traditional Sasak dancing
  • Attending local ceremonies (when occurring) such as weddings, ???
  • Climbing Mount Rinjani – Please note, that due to the cost of arranging local porters and guides, fees for climbing Mount Rinjani are not included in the volunteer package.
Please note we are not offering a tourist package holiday. We want you to gain a deeper insight into the social and cultural life of the area. The best way to do this is by becoming an active participating member of the community, living in it, working in it, and participating in all of the daily activities that go with being a part of it.  Amongst other things it will mean being formally introduced to the head of the village and eating the delicious local Sasak food. You won’t find Italian, Chinese or MacDonalds here. It’s chicken, coconut, and lemon grass sate; spiced fried rice and egg (for breakfast!); thick, sweet, hot local coffee in small glasses, and many, many other dishes.

For more information about volunteering on Sembalun East Lombok please visit CDC official website

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