Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wisma Soedjono TeteBatu

 Like at home, that's the first impression we get as we set foot in Wisma Soedjono Tetebatu in East Lombok District. Cool breeze and singing birds, as if to say welcome to anyone who come to visit. Once you are inside the Wisma area, you will not find the usual atmosphere like in any other hotel or similar facilities. The gate made of a bamboo bar that provides you impression of simplicity. However, different impression will struck as you get into the Front Office, the old buildings from the colonial period stood stately, distinctive European architecture looks very elegant in the middle of the green environment. Inside it a complete set and well maintained charters and important papers issued by the Dutch government for the dr. Soedjono during his career as a doctor.

Old big trees aged of hundreds of years has become witness of the great history shaded the location, surrounded by rice fields and gardens which contain a variety of fruits, spices and medicinal plants. There are several choices of rooms, a restaurant with a variety of menu from the west and domestic, the front part of the main house is use as the Reception and the rest are used as a residence by Soedjono family, there are also several special room used as mushroom cultivation chambers. Soedjono family also opened the door for researchers, both students and scholars who want to conduct research in various fields such as Biology, Agriculture and Cultural Anthropology. Facilities will be provided with special pricing on Soedjono homestead, the family is also willing to become sponsors for students or researchers coming from abroad.

Reservation Please contact: nizarjOe (+6281 8040 63653 ) or email
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