Friday, March 18, 2011

Calling cow on kanji sembalun east Lombok

 Nature tourism seems have no end in Sembalun. besides closest to the mountain Rinjani (the second highest mountain in Indonesia) Sembalun has some very unique natural attractions and interesting, one of it is: calling cow nature tourism on Kanji. Kanji is one of wonderfull place on the foot of rinjani mountain. on kanji life hundreds of wild cow released on nature and they are so free and fat, because never lack of food, grass growing so fast on very fertile soil.
 kanji is terrain that surrounded by forests and trees are very dense where cow’s family are playing and eating grass, we can also see Mount Rinjani very clearly from here. kanji’s cow has unique way to call them, just bring one bottle of water mixed with salt and call out “sia sia sia sia sia”.. just wait few minutes they will come approach to looking for sia (sia=water mixed with salt).

trip to kanji usually takes 3 hours from sembalun lawang. the route to kanji is not that difficult, even for people who first climbing is not that heavy. kanji is perfect place for family holidays, groups, schools and as an educational tour to introduce nature to students.
What else interested things we can find on Kanji..??
  • Batu Kucing
Is one of place will passed on the way to kanji, batu kucing is very big stone located on hill (batu=stone, kucing=cat), named by batu kucing because it seems like cat sitting if it’s viewed carefully and from right perspective view.
  • Green Scenery and rice field
when catch up by first hill, we can see beautiful green scenery combine from garden and rice field that arranged neatly.
  •  Wild Flower Orchid
on 2009 was recorded by the Rinjani National Park, there are 312 species of wild orchids live in the hills of Kanji, wild orchids will only blooming in the summer, about July and August.

  • Old Big Tree's 
On the way to kanji we will passing 2 junggle and 2 hill, the jungle are still maintained very well by sembalun people. on threes also life wild orchid.
  • Animal
hundred of bird, we can hear hundred kind of bird singing mostly on very early morning. ayam hutan, is wild chicken on the jungle most of them are colored green, and deer.
 Interested to have experience in this adventure?
+6281804063653 (nizarjoe)
+6287763041380 (Ulan Sembahulun - Senior guide)

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