Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2 Weeks volunteering on Sembalun East Lombok

“Where on earth is Sembalun Village?” that is my first question when I saw the website of 4th World Love. It seems pretty far from anywhere in Lombok, but this is the thing that challenged me to come there and release my willingness to experience such voluntary works during my semester break of university.
The most tangible thing to notice when you got here for the first time was THE FREAKING BEAUTIFUL VIEW of the village. Can you imagine how hills, mountain, green rice fields, waterfall and beach could locate in one particular area?

Devi teaching English on sembalun...
Having warm welcome from the local host family, I felt like I found my second family in Sembalun Village. They never forget to “feed” me three times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once we got chance to go to the farm and had lunch together there, that was great time! Development Centre) which we use pretty much here. It turns out that CDC is the local branch under the NGO 4th World Love, so people in the rural area would rather get used to the term CDC. The CDC crew are all awesome! They are both so determined and funny at the same times. I laughed a lot whenever I hung out with them. During the free time, sometimes we got trekking around the mountain, went to the waterfall and the beach. They were all such loyal and patient companions to take me see around the rural towns. Even, they (in collaboration with my host family) managed to have surprise for my birthday on the third day I was here (the 4th July). That was my first experience having birthday away from the friends and family, but that was also my first experience for celebrating my birthday with “new family”!

How did I spend my everyday here? Definitely I got classes to teach here in the afternoon. I taught English to the kids here, generally twice a day. One time in CDC area, and the other class was held in a rural area called Barat Desa, 15 minutes from the CDC area. I always love their energy and spirit in learning English! Seriously! I even held extra class on Saturday and Sunday for the kids in Barat Desa because they did need some English lessons and surprisingly they got excited for the English class even on weekend! Then I found myself more attached with the kids in Barat Desa, especially when they asked me out for a picnic in the hill on my last day here. That was so fun! They always asked me when I would return back to Sembalun, the question which is kind of hard to answer, but I answered “Next time!”. I think I might come back here someday and I would try to publish this voluntary program to more friends so they could involve in this amazing experience.
I learn a lot here. As someone who’s been living in big city in West Java, I learn about simplicity in Sembalun Village, how they live their life more simply. I learn a lot from the kids that I taught, how they had strong willingness to develop themselves by learning English excitedly.  I learn about the life in CDC, how the guys live their life without too much stress and pressure because they do it all with love and humor a lot. I also happen to see some cultural uniqueness here in Lombok, which is different from Java and that makes me realize how I love Indonesia more for having diverse cultures and tribes in one unity!

I would love to thank my warm host family, all the CDC guys and Royal (the coordinator of the CDC) for his patience in responding my endless questions of everything and the last but not least to Frederick who helped me make this voluntary experience happen!
Deviana Wijaya Dewi

read more about volunteering on sembalun at CDC official website

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