Friday, March 18, 2011

Gallery Presean (Lombok Stick Fighting)

Peresean is an ancient martial art that recreates the legend of Princess Mandalika who, rather than see two suitors fight to the death in order to win her hand in marriage, chose to take her own life. Armed with rattan sticks, the fighters attack each other, defending their opponent's blows with a cowhide shield. As well as its historic associations, the fight also serves to ask God for rain for the imminent planting season with the ancient belief being that the more blood spilled, the more rain would follow.

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Nice, Sobat...
boleh dong share galery Lombok-nya and Bravo Lombok
Mas Nizar Tukaran Link Boleh ngak...???
kalau berkenan ini Url-nya : pakai text Anchor "Tempat saling berbagi" advance

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